House Generator Renton

Over the last few years, as weather patterns have begun to change and become more extreme, it has been harder for homeowners to predict or prepare for a power outage. With temperatures posting record highs and lows, the risks to energy providers have grown. A proactive solution for a home or business is to purchase a generator. Having a generator in your house means that you will be prepared the next time you lose power. 

Generator Pros Electric specialize in installing generators for your house. We’ve recently begun providing services to Renton, WA and beyond. Our generator technicians will help you find the generator that offers the most benefits for you and your home. When you need a reliable source of backup power, turn to us!

House Generator Renton

Whole House Generator Renton

To provide sufficient power to your whole house or business, you’ll need to consider what your generator needs actually are. If you have medical equipment that relies on electricity to work or if you’re reliant on a refrigerator to keep your medications cold, a whole house generator with an auto start function would be the best choice for you and your family. Or, if your energy needs are small and you only require occasional backup power for a cellphone, tablet, or laptop, then you should consider something less permanent than a home generator.Whole house generators or standby generators are larger and more powerful than an inverter or portable model. They can also be programmed to automatically start up when a power outage is detected. With a house generator that has automatic start up, losing power will only be a minimal disruption in your life.

Generator Installation Renton

Your generator installation will be quick and easy when you work with Generator Pros Electric. If you have questions about which generator is the best one for your home, our knowledgeable teams can walk you through multiple options and recommend which generator type suits your power needs. With years of experience, our fully licensed and trained generator installers will make sure to regularly update you throughout the process of installation.  

Generator Pros offers 24/7 emergency services and after the installation of your house generator, we are available for yearly or quarterly maintenance and inspections. The key to ensuring the long term health of your generator requires regularly scheduled maintenance. Filters will need to be replaced and oil levels will need to be monitored. We know that life is busy for the average homeowner and we are more than happy to provide these services for our customers in Renton and the surrounding King County. Give Generator Pros Electric a call today to schedule a consultation for a whole house generator installation.