Transfer Switch installation Renton

The ideal time to install a generator is before you even need one and to make sure that it will run properly and supply your home with enough energy you will also need to have a transfer switch installed. Having a home generator means that you are well prepared the next time you completely lose power and a transfer switch is a small circuit breaker panel that acts as the conduit between your home and the generator. Normally, your home draws power directly from the power company, but when there is a neighborhood or city wide outage, the energy provided by your generator is directed to your property by the transfer switch.

No matter if you have a portable generator or a standby generator, a transfer switch is required without fail. General Pros Electric are professional transfer switch installers, and if you are in need of a transfer switch installation for your home in Renton, WA, then we will not disappoint.

Generator Transfer Switch Renton

Generator transfer switches help protect your property and more. When there is a power outage, the cause could be related to many different things. Most likely it was caused by a nearby downed power line and that means that utility technicians will need to repair it. Having a transfer switch installed for your generator prevents power from backfeeding into your normal utility line when there is a power outage. This built in safety measure will protect the technicians from electricity while they are repairing the power line.

When you don’t have a generator transfer switch installed, it can drastically reduce the amount of appliances you can provide power to. Without a transfer switch, if you live in an area with frequent outages, your devices that are larger and require more energy may not be able to draw sufficient power. A transfer switch is connected to your circuit breaker when it is installed, meaning that hardwired appliances like your furnace or water heater are still able to run without interruption.

Transfer Switch Wiring Renton

Before having a transfer switch installed, it is best to have a certified technician inspect your current electrical system. If your property is older it may require some updates to be made to your existing wiring. The professionals over at General Pros Electric will help you by making sure your wiring is up to code after a transfer switch installation. We are proud to offer our services throughout Renton and the Pacific Northwest. Our team is standing by today to help you with all of your transfer switch needs!

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